Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Top 10 best fitness and health application

Everybody  wants to be a healthier person and you can become a healthier person by using your smartphone.so,here are top 10 fitness and health application for you.

1) 8fit > 8fit is one of the best fitness and health application. this application has everything like fitness guides,interval training,diet plan and work out.

2) fit radio -> fit radio is one of the unique health application which offers unique workout music. you can easily get pumped with workout music.

3) gymboss interval timer -> gym boss interval timer is one of the unique health application to get in shape and you can easily increase your overall levels. one of the most important feature of this application is timer on the application.

4) TruBe - >  TruBe is one of the Best fitness and health application. this application offers person training session to everyone. so, you can login to the application and can find someone to help along the training session.

5) fitstar yoga -> fit star yoga is one of the unique and best fitness application. first star application is loaded with some video tutorials.

6) strava -> if you are fitness freak,then this is the fitness application for you. if you are cycling or running, this application tracks your routes and speed using your phone's GPS. so, you can use strava to analyse your activity times and can easily improve your results.

7) Moves -> if you walk or cycle regularly, then this application is for you. you can easily track how much exercise you do daily. moves application easily tracks all your daily activities and easily figures out how many calories you've burnt during that time.

8) seven -> seven fitness application is for those who are short on time or very busy in their life. this application gives you easy and quick routine which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

9) my fitnesspal -> my fitness pal is one of the unique fitness application which can easily figure out that how much exercise you are doing.

10) keelo -> keelo fitness application is full of high intensity turning training routines which will help you get fit and stay active.

           so, these are top 10 best fitness and health application.


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