Friday, 23 February 2018

Top 10 Essential tools for windows 10

Everybody is using windows 10 for their general purpose. so there are some essential tools for windows 10.

 1) vlc media player ->  VLC  media player is one of the best tools for windows 10 and it consumes least amount of resources and it has set of cool features.

2) free download manager ->  free download manager also known as FDM, is one of the best free download managers you can get for windows.

3) kindle ->  kindle is one of the most popular e book reader and you can easily use this free e book reader software and you can read the books which you have in your kindle account.
4) audacity -> audacity is one of the easiest way to record and edit audios. you can easily use this free tool for various purpose like creation of podcasts.
5) handbreak -> hand break is one of the open source video converter with other capabilities. you can do lots of other things converting your videos into another and ripping DVD s with advanced options.

6) notepad ->  note pad is also known as npp is one of the popular text editor which is available for windows.

7) picasa ->  picasa is one of the  comprehensive management solution from google. you can use the software for viewing the photos and making edits and uploading them to google. this is one of the must have windows tools.

                             so, these are top 10 essential tools for windows 10.

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