Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Best video editing software for all platforms

Everybody is using video editing software for general purpose.so, there are some best video editing software for all platforms.

1) Wax -> wax is a very high performance and flexible video having special effect software. wax can easily create 3 D and 2 D special effects and can easily work in 2 modes.
2) Blender -> Blender supports all your major operating systems and it makes 3 D content. some of its features includes animation tools, character animation,advanced modelling,node-based material.
3) movica -> movica is simple UI based video editor which lets you join files, split movies or delete portions and fine tune selections.
4) virtual dub ->  virtual dub has very fast linear operation over video. the development of virtual dub has stopped.
5) jahshaka -> jah shaka is one of the open source software and in the market from a very long time. this provides several benefits like media management, compositing,editing,playback and animation.
6) shotcut -> shot cut is free,cross-platform video editors,which is also open source.it supports video up to resolution of 4k.
7) Apple i movie -> this is one of the best entry leve l video editing software. this comes free with mac and you can easily download it from mac app store.
8) windows movie maker ->  windows movie maker will be able to access the old archives. it is one of the best video editing software.
9) light works free -> light works free is best free video editing software and has lots of feature available in free version.  

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