Monday, 12 February 2018

Best free screen recording software for windows

There are so many screen recording software for windows. so, there are best free screen recording software for windows.

1) screenr ->  screen r is an online web application where no software is installed on your PC and your only requirement for this app java. you can easily start using screen r by registering an account with no social networking.
2) webinaria  -> web in ria software is one of the best free screen recording software for windows. this has tutorials and record software demonstrations. you can easily show on your website.
3) recorder ->  this is one of best java run program which doesn't need any installation. you just had to run a krut.jar file and then start the program and you can easily find many options like recording frames per second and selecting the captured area.
4) jing -> you can easily record on screen is easy on jing and this is a web based service and videos are only limited to 5 mins length. and this has many useful features compared to the above software and has option to upload video to screen
5) cam studio ->  this is one of the most well equipped and featured pack screen recorder out there.
cam studio will enable mouse cursor and record your sound and custom annotations.

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