Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Best mobile android applications of 2018

Everyday is using android applications in their smartphone. so, there are some important android applications,which can be used.

1) fooview -> this is one of the most important application by which you can do lots of things. you can open websites,switch screens,search, your apps,take screen shots.

2) alt+c-> this is one of the best android application of 2018. you can easily copy and paste text b/w your phone and your windows pc.

3) next -> next is one of the best android applications of will show notifications for text messages,missed calls and upcoming calendar appointments on your screen. you can easily toggle phone settings,contacts and can launch your favorite apps right on the screen.

4) voice recorder-> voice recorder from Samsung lets you record the sound around you and it can also transcribe speech to text in real time.

5) Google translator -> you can easily use your phone camera to translate restaurant menus, user manuals,street signs into your native language.

6) videooder -> you can easily download videos from all popular video hosting websites like Instagram and Facebook. you can easily choose the format and then file quality for faster downloads.

7) tiny cards -> this  is one of best application which helps you to memorize anything quickly using the spaced repetition technique.

8) grammarly-> grammarly is one of the best android application which adds sophisticated grammar checking and spelling to every application on your phone. so, when you are writing a face book post or email,you will never make any errors again.
        so, these are best android mobile applications of 2018.

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  1. The Grammarly plug-in interface makes me believe I'm in primary school. It is similar to a Jewish grandmother chastising me that I’m wrong .. My CEO heard me complaining in a round table and sent me INK editor, I enjoy how non-meddlesome it is. I like the edits more plus believe them to be more in-depth.