Saturday, 23 December 2017

Best free online music streaming websites

Everybody is enjoying music today and you can enjoy that with online services today. so, there are some free online music streaming websites.

1) soundcloud -> you can use sound cloud without creating a account and this will be faster and easier. you can easily listen to 120 m audio tracks without signing in. you can easily search for music by playlist,album,artist.

2) pandora -> Pandora is available in only in USA. it is very much popular due to free accessibility and interface. Pandora  is like a radio station where you can easily create a particular station and can easily play songs based on your preference.

3) spotify -> if you want to listen western music, then spottily is best option for you. you can use VPN software outside USA . Spotify free version easily allows users to skip songs five times every day.

4) google play music ->  this is most reliable and easy to use website,where you can easily play tons of music for different situations. you can easily find music on the basis of album,artist,genre. you can easily find a suitable song on Google play music website.

5) -> is entirely different from other music streaming sites. important thing is that, this stream the music with video. it generally gathers footage from you tube and then users can watch the video same time without leaving the website. you can easily find music based on artists and tracks.
so, these are some free online music streaming websites.

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