Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Top interesting websites to visit for entertainment

There are some interesting websites, you can visit for entertainment .

1) useful science -> this website offers important collection of one line summaries of research,which is published in scientific journals where topic ranges from health to creativity.

2) time lapse -> you can use this website to check how a place has changed over a period of 3 decades through a series of satellite images from google maps. this is one of the most important website for entertainment.

3) dear photograph -> this website features photographs of people holding up old pictures which were taken at the exact spot several years ago.

4) strato cam -> this is one of the best websites on self running slideshow which showcase some of the best satellite images found on google maps. then you can run the website in full screen mode ( ctrl+shift+f) and you can easily discover pretty and unexpected place on this earth.

5) lame book  -> lame book is one of the best websites for entertainment. the names and profile pictures of the facebook  users are blurred to protect real identity.

6) worldcam ->  this is one of the best websites which pulls geo-tagged pictures posted on instagram for four square venues so that you can know what's happening right now at your favorite place.

7) awkwardfamilyphotos -> this is one of the best websites for entertainment for family and friends and this is one of the best family photos.
          so, these are some interesting websites to visit for your entertainment.


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