Sunday, 29 October 2017

Top 7 iPhone applications to write on pictures

everybody is using iPhone as smartphone purpose. when we are taking pictures from iPhone, then sometimes we want to add text to photos before we sent it off to friends and family. so, there are some important applications, where you  can write some text on iPhone photos.

1) type drawing -> type drawing is an important paid iPhone application. you can easily create some really artistic looking text on your photos by using various controls in the application.

2) photo notes ->  this is one of the important iPhone application by which you can write text on iPhone can easily add speech bubbles,thought bubbles,photo collages.

3) Tex ta pic -> this application is focused on adding text captions to pictures. and this is one of the best applications to write on pictures.

4) comic caption creator -> comic caption creator is one of the best apple application . you can add text and bubbles to your pictures and you can also create a complete comic strip with multiple pictures using this app.

5) Fx photo studio -> Fx photo studio is one of the best iPhone application and it has lot of effects and filters. and you can also customize and mix each effect and you can have lot more control.

                            so, these are top 7 iPhone applications to write on pictures.


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