Saturday, 20 May 2017

Top 5 free Selfies application for your smartphone

everybody is using smartphone these days and we are using selfies from smartphone. and if you are not perfect in taking selfies, you can use these apps for selfies.

1) you cam perfect -> you can take selfies from this application and can also edit your photo with the help of this application. this application can remove your dry skin and can sharp your features. this application's best feature is automatic trim. you can easily change the look of photo with this application.

2) front back -> this is one of the important selfies application, where you can take front camera and back camera and can take photo simultaneously. this works on 4.1 and above version of android.

3) Retrica -> you can take beautiful and natural selfies from this application.this application has more than 100 real time filters and there is built in timer also given.

4) cream cam selfie smoother -> you can take perfect selfie with the help of this application.this application can easily remove wrinkle and black heads. and this application does automatic editing.

5) perfect 365 -> this is one of most famous application. you can easily do make up of your selfies after taking selfies. this application has 20 different tools.

                         so, these are top 5 free selfies application for your smartphone.


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