Saturday, 5 November 2016

the best linux distributions avilable

everybody is using Linux distributions for their general purpose use. so, there are some best Linux distributions available.

1) kubuntu -> kubuntu is one of the best Linux distributions available today for you. kubuntu is an ubuntu derivative which uses KDE instead of unity as the default desktop environment . kubuntu is same like as ubuntu and released on the same schedule.

2) deepin -> deep in is one of the best Linux distributions available today. deep in is very simple and intuitive and it features one of the best system settings panel displays of any distro. D talk,D player and D music are among the dedicated applications.

3) PCLINUXos -> PC Linux OS is one of the best Linux distributions available in the market today. it features KDE plasma desktop by default. this distribution makes it easy to install edit photos,get online,get office software ,easy to install drivers and start using multimedia. and these are snapshot backups are easily created.

4) zorin os -> zorin os is one of the best Linux distributions available. zorine os is very well designed to Linux, easing the transition from windows to Linux. this is similar to windows and makes it easy for users to run the windows apps they still need.

5)mint -> Linux mint is an Linux distributions available today. it is based on ubuntu, which is reliably safe and comes with one of the best software managers. mint is one of the popular Linux distributions around and claiming to be most popular home operating system after windows and mac OS.
         so, these are the best Linux distributions available.

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