Saturday, 22 October 2016

The best photo websites for news in pictures

There are some websites and photo blogs,where you can easily view pictures related to current events captured by professional photo journalists.

1) time photo essays -> there are each photo essay which includes a collection of 15 -20 pictures which narrate a story related to current news events.
2) BBC news ->  BBC news is one of best photo websites for news in pictures. BBC in pictures website also highlights photos which are submitted by citizen journalists.
3) Yahoo! photos -> this is one of the important photo websites for news in pictures.this yahoo! photos slideshows that are sourced from news agencies like Reuters.
4) US defence ->  us defense is one of the and important photo websites,where you are interested in photographs from the united states military. this is one of the official pentagon site and includes pictures from areas which are inaccessible to most people.
5) national geographic -> this is one of the most important photo websites for news in pictures .this website is one of the most important photos from the world of nature,science and animal kingdom.
6) Getty images -> this photo website is one of the most important photo website in the world. you can easily get images in your website without paying any license fee.


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