Saturday, 22 October 2016

some new important whats app features you need to know

everybody is using whats app now days and recently whats app added some new important whats app  features you need to know.

1) image editing ->
i) you can add an emoji to the photo and can rotate easily.
ii) you can easily add some funky text to your photo.
iii) you can do paint brush easily and draw with your finger on your image.
2) make text bold,italics ->
you can make text 'bold' by adding asterisks. you can do it by adding an asterisk (*) before the first letter and after the last letter, so that in between appears bold.
3) send and receive GIF s -> GIF s are the language of the internet and you can now easily finally talk with them on whats app. you have to use whats app beta version for this feature. you should go to attachments -> gallery, then you will see a new GIF s option, next to images and videos. you can add the GIF s to send it on the chat.
4) quote messages for clear replies -> there is a new feature which adds context to replies by quoting the original message.when you replying a message,then you long-press that message. then you will find a " reply " arrow button on top. then you tap that and you can type your reply. when you send it, it will quote the original message and add your reply.
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