Friday, 22 April 2016

How you can access your passwords from anywhere with the help of Google password manager

we have to remember password for every internet account like Facebook,twitter,email etc.for regular use. but,there is one solution for this. Google chrome has built-in password manager which offers to save your password and username. when you sign-in to a website using Google chrome.there are strong passwords which are synced with your google account and are available across all devices where you have signed in using the same google account.

             generally google chrome is available for all the platforms like android phones and ios, and you can easily have access to your saved passwords. but,you are using a different browser,like Microsoft edge, on windows 10 or safari on iPhone you can easily access all your account passwords which is saved inside chrome via. .
     these are some steps to follow->
1. first open the google passwords website.

2. then you can sign-in with your existing google account which you are using on Google chrome.

3. then you will find a list of single account and their password which you've used to sign-in chrome.

4. there are passwords which are hidden with with asterisks but you can easily revealed them by clicking the corresponding eye icon.

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