Thursday, 17 July 2014

How you can find old newspaper articles online

Now, we are using online news for reading latest updates.sometimes,you want to read old newspaper of a particular time and you can now access or find old newspapers articles,these are some places where you can find old newspapers articles online.

1) Google Books -> if you want to read old newspaper,then Google books can be a good option for you.these particular type of magazines are easily searchable and scanned and you can read it by using the standard Google book interface.Google books are best available resource for old newspaper articles online.

2) Library of congress -> Library of congress is one of the best source of information to find large repository of papers published in america b/w 1895 to 1917.Library of congress has newspaper from Washington and 14 states.

3) Trove -> trove belongs to national library of can read a large section of newspapers from will find all newspapers scanned and can be viewed easily.

4) The olden times -> if you want to know about a major article about history,then you can look for it. content at this site is totally free and you will find content ranges from 1790 to 1915.

5) -> as name suggests is generally designed for finding information about your ancestors and archives of this includes newspapers from 1700's.

6) Google news -> Google news is one of the best source to find old newspaper articles online.Google news generally indexes lots of newspaper around the world.

7) Newseum -> you can easily download front most pages of top newspapers around the world and gallery is updated will find a lots of local and small newspaper collection.

            so, these 7 are great source from where you can find old newspaper articles online.

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