Friday, 9 May 2014

How to select a safe password manager for storage of your secret passwords

Now everybody is using passwords for email account, Facebook, twitter,linked in and other social account and it is very difficult to remember all the passwords. so there should be a safe password manager for storage of your secret passwords. password manager store your passwords in encrypted form and you have to remember a single password for retrieving any other password . basically there are three kind of password managers->

1) portable based password manager

2) web based password manager

3) desktop based password manager

                         portable based password manager 

if you don't want to save passwords on the web or on computer's hard drive because sometime you think that someone may get access to those passwords in your absence.
1) password manager for USB flash drive -> keepass is a tool which is available in portable avatar which can be safely carried on USB flash drive,CD or your I Pad.

2) building your own password manger -> sometime you don't want to depend on outside password manager for storing your secret passwords. then you can use clipperz community by which you can create a personal online password manager hosted on your own web server. clipper z community edition is basically a open source and easily can be installed on any PHP enabled web server which has MySQL.

                          desktop based password manager

keepass -> kee pass is basically a popular desktop based pass word manager which is available for all operating systems and mobile systems. this generally stores all your lo gins and passwords in a single database which is protected by a master pass word. the password data base of kee pass generally consists of only one file which can easily transfer stored passwords from one computer to other very easily.

                         online web based password manager 

pass pack -> pass pack is a good online web based password manager because they provide a desk top client for offline password manager works like desktop password manager except that your password get stored on an external web server and you can easily access from any other computer which is connected to internet.

              Top 10 password managers for storage of your secret passwords 

1) My LOK+ -> my lok + provides two- factor authentication out of box which does not store data in the cloud or on the PC and it does not modify any files on the PC.

2) identify safe -> identify safe is one of the best safe password manager which has support for multiple browsers,ios and android support.

3) direct pass -> direct pass is one of the best password manager which has a feature called secure browser which is designed for financial websites and online banking.

4) kee pass -> kee pass is a open-source application and password manager for users which want to know about PC.

5) m seven software -> m seven software is one of the best password manager which integrates with third party cloud storage services.

6) dash lane -> dash lane is one of the best pass word manager which promises instant log ins and check outs .

7) roboform -> roboform securely stores your pass word,personal information and credit card on your computer only.

8) splash id -> splash ID is best selling pass word manager. splash ID supports mostly all mobile operating systems like windows,ios,android. this application securely stores your passwords,usernames,account names and any other record which you want to remember and keep secure.

9) password genie -> password genie is very useful password manager for traveler. this application store passwords and personal information which you can use for auto-form filling in open secure websites.

10) last pass -> last pass is one of the best password manager for storage of your secret passwords.last pass works on every operating system. last pass allows you to create simple notes,generate complex passwords and can create a USB key by using Google authentic support.

                these are top 10 password managers for storage of your secret passwords.

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  1. Hello there, you can also mention Sticky Password here. Works on Win, iOS and Android.