Sunday, 6 April 2014

The most important things to look for new word press theme

The most important things to look for new word press theme. everybody is using word press as a blogging platform. and people are also using word press theme for design of their blog. so, when you are choosing a word press theme, you should consider some important things in a word press theme ->

1) originality of theme -> you should check the originality of word press will find some clones of original word press theme, you should buy word press theme from original word press theme website.

2) support -> you should check that what kind of support any website is offering. you will face some questions regarding customization and installation of the theme and support of developer website will definitely help you.

3) response of theme -> when you want to buy a word press theme,then you should think of responsive design and it should be good looking on all screen of mobile and tablets.

4) speed of theme -> you should check the speed of word press theme. you can check the speed of theme by this  link. you should only prefer a theme with a page score of higher than 70 only.

5) offering of filters and hooks by theme -> you should check that word press theme which you are buying is offering filters and hooks. so, this is one of the most important things to look for word press theme.

6) code is intelligent or not  -> word press theme developers generally depend on j query and java script plugin for adding of star ratings,social sharing ,animated transitions.

7) Updation of theme -> Updation of theme is also one of the important factor,when you are looking for new word press should buy only those theme,which is updating with the time.

8) customization of theme -> you should look for customization of theme,when you want to purchase a new word press theme. customization of theme will allow you to change the color of the theme without having to fiddle with CSS. you can easily change the width of side bar or can completely remove it,if your theme is customize enough.

so, these are some most important things to look for new word press theme. 

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