Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The important things you should do when you buy a new computer

The important things you should do when you buy a new computer.when you are purchasing a new computer,then there are some important tasks you need to do. so, these are some important things you should do when you buy a new computer.
1) reminder for warranty -> you should put up a reminder for warranty,when your computer's warranty expires. so,when your computer or laptop has some problems you can solve it before warranty period expiration.

2) creation of recovery disc -> when you are using your computer or laptop, then there might go something wrong with the laptop or computer.so, you can create recovery disc for your computer or laptop which can work as a backup option.

3) saving of serial number -> your computer or laptop is having serial number on bottom or on back and you can require this number some day. this serial number can be written off,so you should save this serial number for future.

4) insurance -> if you are purchasing some costly laptop or computer,then you can purchase a insurance from home owner also. it will give you little bit of security for your computer or laptop.

5) don't hit power button -> you should make sure that you should fully charge your computer or laptop battery before starting your computer or laptop.

6) review power saving settings -> you should review power saving settings for your computer or laptop.you should do right power settings for your new computer or laptop.

7) create windows restore point -> when you buy a new laptop or computer,then you should create windows restore point.when you start,you should type " system restore" in windows start menu.when it is opened,you can create your system restore point.

8) run your back up -> you should first make a back up.you should set schedule back up and go ahead and run for first time.

9) install anti virus properly -> when you take new laptop or computer home,you should take it out from box and then you should run it and you should first install anti virus program in it.if you are using windows,then you can try AVG anti virus.

10) optimize your computer -> you should optimize your new laptop or computer and it will increase the speed and performance of your laptop or computer. optimization of your laptop or computer will increase the performance of your desk top computer.

11) update your operating system -> when you buy a new laptop or computer,you should update your operating system.if your computer runs windows,then you can find windows update manager on windows control panel. and if you are running mac osx,then you should click on little black apple and then on software update.

so, these are 4 important things you should do when you buy a new computer or laptop.

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