Saturday, 12 April 2014

How to sign documents electronically without using paper or ink

Now days,you are doing everything electronically and you want to avoid use of paper for general use.sometime we need to sign electronically without using paper or,these are some steps by which you can sign documents electronically without using paper or link->

1) you can signature on a paper and can take picture from digital camera or mobile phone.

2) you can also use graphics software like MS paint or Google docs or online image editor like splash up for drawing your signature with help of mouse painter.

3) if you are having iPod touch,iPhone or any other touch screen mobile phone,then you can use app like "sketch pad" or "fountain pen" for drawing of your signature using your fingers, then you can go to live signature and can draw your signature on screen and then click the " create signature" button for downloading your signature as an image.and then you can open the document in Google docs or any other word processing software and can insert the signature image online. then you can save the document as PDF and can email back to online.

                            most important web application for electronic signature 

1) right signature -> right signature is one of the important web application for electronic signature. you can easily upload a word document or PDF which needs to be signed and tell the email address of people who have to sign that file. the particular recipients can open the document inside their web browser and then add their signature and can easily then download the particular signed document on to your computer.

2) echo sign -> echo sign is also one of the important application for electronics signature.this has same use as right signature.

                                      How to sign a PDF document

you can sign a PDF document with the help of PDF editor like adobe acrobat. these are some steps by which you can sign a  PDF document ->

1) you can easily convert the PDF document into word by using this link.pdftoword.

2) then you can add the image to the word file and then export the document like PDF for preventing editing.

3) sometime,you find password protected signed PDF documents,then you can open the document inside PDF Hammer and you can add a password registration and export it like PDF.

4) if PDF document which you need to sign is complex or long,then you can take PDF X-CHANGE or open office DRAW .

          so,these are some methods to sign documents electronically without paper or ink.

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