Sunday, 13 April 2014

How to permanently delete windows and mac files

How to permanently delete windows and mac files.everybody is using windows or mac for their personal use.when you delete a file generally it goes to thrash. when you empty trash,you think that all traces of your private files are now completely erased but,windows and mac files may not be completely deleted.

                       steps for permanently deleting mac files 

1) if you like to permanent remove your files in mac,you can use the "secure" option when emptying the trash.
2) you can click and hold the trash icon on your mac desktop.
3) then it will display the "empty trash" option.
4) then you press the command button.
5) then empty trash option will change to secure empty trash.
6) you can select it and your trashed files will be deleted permanently.
7) you can also use privazer for permanently deleting mac files.

                      steps for permanently deleting windows files

When you delete a file in windows computer,then deleted files moves to windows recycle bin. when you empty the recycle bin,then you think the file is permanently erased from the hard drive.but, you can recover your deleted files in windows by using any data recovery software for windows computer,then you can use S delete ( secure delete) , a free command utility by Microsoft which over writes all the free space to prevent data recovery. you can easily use S delete for securely erasing any file data which exists in the UN allocated portions of a disc and securely deleting existing can also use privazer for permanently deleting windows files.

  so, these are methods by which you can permanently delete windows and mac files completely.

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