Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to create paperless office with software tools

Everybody is working in a office or having a office,then you need a lot of papers for working of your office.but,there are some software tools by which you can make your office a paperless office. so, these are some software tools by which you can create paperless office.

1) Scribd ipaper -> if you have  a lots of paper documents in your office,you can easily replace then by sending everything in a snail mail to Scribd. scribd will convert all your paper documents into digital documents for free.

2) Evernote -> ever note can easily recognized text in image. sometimes,you might have scanned some bills receipts as images,then you can use ever note to locate them on hard drive. ever note  is free for use and you can use it for windows and mac.

3) simple ocr.-> simple OCR software allows you to proof-read the scanned image as text so that you can fix inaccuracies before you export the scanned image as plain text.

4) Adobe acrobat 9 -> Adobe acrobat can easily directly scan paper documents to searchable PDF, adobe acrobat is a very good software tool.

5) Abbyy finereader -> Abbyy fine reader is a very powerful software which is packed in an easy and intuitive interface. when you open a scanned image inside abbyy fine reader,then it automatically analyzes different areas of the image which contain pictures,tables or text. this software also recognize different languages also has a screen shot reader utility which can directly extract text from any area of desk top like wall paper.

6) you can also use scan r snapter and qipit which helps us like digital camera or mobile phone.
 so, these are some software tools by which you can create you paperless office.

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