Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to create HTML signature inside Gmail

How to create HTML signature inside G mail. everybody is using G mail as their preferred email option. sometimes, you need HTML signatures for your outgoing G mail messages right inside G mail itself without requiring add-on or any other browser extensions.

                     steps for creating HTML signatures inside G mail  

1) you should first go to G mail settings.

2) then go to "labs" in settings and enable "inserting images" and " canned responses" .

3) then you should compose a new message in G mail and then create a signature like you compose any other email message.

4) you can easily upload icons and logos from the computer.

5) you can also find images of icons through Google image search.

6) when you are ready with new " HTML signature",then you should go to the canned response menu.

7) then you can save and give some name for a signature which you want to attach to your personal emails.

8) now,when you are about to compose a new message in G mail,then you can select the relevant signature from the canned responses drop-down and it can be inserted inline like a screenshot.

            so, these are some steps by which you can create HTML signatures inside G mail.

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