Saturday, 22 March 2014

Important software tools for your windows computer

Important software tools for your windows computer.there are some important software tools which is important for your windows can easily install these important software tools for your windows,these are some important tools for your windows computer ->

1) Lock BOX -> you can put all your important confidential files into a particular folder and then you can use the lock box software tool to completely hide that particular folder inside your windows explorer.

2) sizer -> this is one of the important software tool to re size program windows to any predefined or fixed size.this tool is quite helpful when you are capturing screenshots for scree casting and documentation.

3) mailstore -> mail store is one of the important software tools for your windows can easily offline access to your emails,as mail store helps you to download all your emails on a USB drive or computer.

4) double killer -> double killer is the important tool to get rid of all duplicate files on your computer including music files and,you can easily remove duplicate files in your computer with the double killer.

5) soluto -> soluto helps to improve the boot-up time for your windows PC by deleting unwanted programs from the start-up routine and delaying the launch of certain programs.

6) Back ground switcher -> back ground switcher generally pull pictures from RSS feeds,ins ta gram,Facebook,Google images,pi casa and then uses then as rotating wall paper back grounds for your desk top.

7) unlocker -> UN locker as name suggests is used as name suggests is used for deleting a file or folder which is unable to do so,because that "file is in use" by another program,you can use UN locker for ending all locking processes.

8) eraser -.> sometimes you want to delete a file permanently in windows,but your file contents can be recovered some can permanently delete a file by using eraser application.

9) everything -> everything is one of the best application for search in the can use power ful desk top search to find any thing in desk top but every thing can search any files or folders irrespective of their location.

10) media info -> some times an audio or video files refuses to play on your computer,then required codecs may be can use media info to know what codecs are required to play the media file.

                    so,these are top 10 important software tools for your windows computer.

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