Saturday, 21 December 2013

How to speed up a slow laptop or computer

Everybody want to speed up a slow laptop or computer. everybody is using laptop or computer for their daily use, but due to some installations this becomes slow. so, there are some important tips by which you can speed up a slow laptop or computer.

1) install a solid state drive -> your computer or laptop's hard drive are biggest cause of slow laptop or computer. you can install a solid state drive which is extremely fast read times can definitely speed up a slow laptop or computer.

2) remove unwanted programs -> you will find that there are a number of unwanted and unused programs on every computer which slow down its performance. you should remove these unwanted programs from your computer or laptop to speed up a slow laptop or computer.

3) empty the recycle bin -> you can speed up a slow computer or laptop by deleting the files in the recycle bin. when you delete some files from the desktop of your computer or laptop they are stored in recycle bin .so, when you empty the recycle bin, you make space available for reuse and restoration of files.

4) uninstall applications -> there are some applications, which we are not using or unnecessary for our use. by uninstalling these applications, you will create lots of space in your laptop or computer. so, you can speed up a slow computer or laptop by uninstalling applications.

5) run " error checking" on all hard drives -> you can speed up your PC, or laptop by running " error checking" on all hard drives. you should right-click a drive icon in " my computer" and then select "properties" followed by "tools". then you can choose " error checking" to let the utility scan the drive for damaged files which is slowing the speed of your laptop or computer. this process will take several minutes to complete.

6) installation of anti-virus software -> you should use anti-virus software to speed up your laptop or computer. there are three popular free av solutions are avast! avg and avira anti vir. some people says that anti-virus slows down your laptop or computer, but virus has more capacity to slow down your laptop or computer , you should also install an ad blocker so that it will prevent malware sites.

7) clear out the dust -> you can clear out dust from laptop or computer to speed up your laptop or computer to speed up your laptop or can use a moist paper towel and cotton buds or a can of compressed air. so, by removing the dust from your laptop or computer, you can speed up your laptop or computer.

8) running disk clean up -> you can use " disk cleanup" to remove unnecessary large files like temporary internet files, program installers.

      by using above 8 tips you can easily speed up your computer or laptop.


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