Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top websites to learn coding for free

Now everybody want to learn coding for their general use. today, coding and programming is most important to survive in job market. so, there are some top websites to learn coding for free and can become a good programmer at free of cost. so, these are top websites to learn coding for free.

1) w3schools -> this is one of the top websites to learn coding for free and it helps beginners to learn code from a to z. you can go to w 3 schools and select a tutorial of the language you want to learn and start learning coding for free. you don't need any skills to learn coding here for free.

2) code academy -> code academy is best website to learn coding for free after w 3 schools.you can learn any language and start programming in code academy . it uses a curriculum of exercises to teach the basics of coding in a variety of languages.

3) coursera -> this website was started by a few Stanford professors last year to offer online courses from different universities for free. courser a is one of the top websites to learn coding for free. this  offers a wide range of courses in computer science, coding, programming. the classes are conducted once in every few months and you have to enroll in advance to the class.

4) khan academy -> khan academy is one of the most popular websites to learn coding for free. khan academy is an amalgam of courser a and code academy. it serves as an open playground for everyone interested in learning user interaction with code.

5) code avenger -> code avenger is like code academy as it provides an ease to use platform and its a funny way to coding. you have to pass 3 levels to become a full expert in code avenger.

          Some other websites to learn coding is codehs , coding bat , edxphp academy , where you can learn coding for free and can become great programmer.

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  1. Nice selection, great job!

    We’ve made a list in Simulty, a tool to interact with multiple websites simultaneously from one single tab, so you can have all your coding tools side by side.


    Please, let us know how you like it!