Sunday, 24 November 2013

how to fix a hacked facebook account

now everybody is using Facebook for solid networking. but, sometimes your Facebook account is hacked by some professional hacked or your friend. then, there are some tips by which you can fix a hacked Facebook account and recover your Facebook account.

1) in first step, you go online to face book's help documentation page for users who have been hacked. then you click on " my account is hacked "and then select " secure it here".

2) then you can type your password in the text field and click on " continue". then Facebook displays a message confirming you are accessing the correct account.

3) then you should click on "continue" to confirm that it's your account.

4) then you should click on "continue" to proceed with securing your account.

5) then you can type a new password in the corresponding text fields and click on "continue".

6) then you should click on "continue" to proceed. Facebook will confirm that your account is verified.

7) then click on "continue" to proceed with unlocking your account.

8) then you should click on" choose a security question" drop-down menu and then select a question.

9) then you can answer the security the text field and click on "submit".

10) then you can click on "log in" to proceed to your unlocked account.

           by applying above steps you can easily recover your hacked Facebook account.

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