Monday, 23 September 2013

How to use Gmail without internet connection

Today everybody is using gmail as their primary and important email account.but, sometimes when there is no internet connection available, then how we can run gmail. so, there is one method by which we can run gmail without internet connection.
 the gmail offline is a free application in the chrome web store which allows users to access their account,even without internet connection. by using this application users can read, reply emails and search email when they are in offline mode. so, these are some steps by which you can use gmail without internet connection.

1) open the Google chrome web browser and click on chrome web store.
2) then you can download gmail offline application from this link.
3) then you have to sign to a Google account to install the app on chrome browser.
4) when you installed the app, open it to access gmail in the offline mode.
5) this app will allow you to offline mail storage.

              pros of gmail offline

1) by using gmail offline we can search and access gmail without internet connection.
2) it also gives same default tabs like gmail as primary, social,promotions.
3) it gives fast reaction time.
4) it supports multiple gmail account.

           cons of gmail offline

1) it doesn't have chat option like gmail.

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