Thursday, 26 September 2013

How to transfer files between your computers over wi-fi

if you are using more than one computer and if you want to transfer files between your computer over wi-fi, then there is a application any send by which you can transfer files between any two computers ( pc-pc,pc-mac,mac-mac) over wi-fi network. you can transfer files of any types, any size and at fast speed.

any send  -> by using any send, you can easily transfer files between windows and computers or between your mac and window PC. any send also have an android app that will let you quickly send files from any windows or mac computer to your android mobile phone to windows computer.when you want to start, you need to install the any send app on your computers. then select one or more files that you want to transfer to the other machine. press CTRL+C to copy these files to the clipboard, then click the any send icon in the windows task bar and select the other computers name. the file transfer will happen immediately.

     you can also transfer folders from one computer to another without having to zip them. you select the folders, copy your selection to the clipboard and choose the destination computer from the any send icon. any send is easiest way to transfer files between your computers over wi-fi.


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