Sunday, 4 August 2013

Top proxy sites to access blocked sites on a computer

sometimes you want to surf a particular website or sites but it may be blocked by your employer or school/,you are not able to access blocked sites on a,these are top proxy sites to access blocked sites on a computer.

1) anonymouse -> this is one of the best proxy sites to access blocked sites on a computer. people think that surfing the web is anonymous,but it is not.
2) hide my ass -> you can use hide my ass to surf anonymously online and you can hide your internet history and can also secure internet connection.
3) kproxy -> k proxy is one of the most reliable and fastest free proxy website in internet. you can protect your privacy and online identity by using k proxy.
4) blew pass -> you can surf blocked sites in your college/office by using blew pass proxy have to type your website in blew pass .com address.
5) -> you can hide your ip address by surfing through and you can be anonymous in web surfing.
6) ninjacloak -> ninja cloak is primary a free anonymous web based proxy can anonymously browse your favorite website.
7) unblockit -> this is one of best proxy service which gives you complete confidentiality when you are using internet by hiding your ip address.
                            so,these are top 7 proxy sites to access blocked sites on a computer.


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