Monday, 5 August 2013

Top 10 best Google products/services you may don't know

everybody is using Google products/services for their general products and services of Google are Google search,Google images,and g mail and Google docs.but,there are some Google services you might don't know ->

1) Google body -> Google body is a 3 D anatomical product which shows your deeply with the help of model design and can know more about your body by using Google body.

2) Google cars -> Google cars has a great collection of cars where you can find a car of your choice and can quotes for your cars.when you click with quotes,you can fill your name and email directly with dealer.

3) Google URL shortener -> Google URL shorten is a service by which you can make your long URL short to share easily on email and twitter etc.
for example ->
long URL ->
short URL of the above ->

4) Google latitute -> Google latitude is a mobile app allows you to find your friends and family location.
your friends can also see your current location and you can turn off Google latitude for your privacy.
you can also choose the people which can see your location and it is also safe.

5) Google products -> Google alerts tell about different topics like news,blogs,video,discussion and books.when you enter your search query in Google alerts, you can see results automatically seen in right side.

6) Google key -> Google sky is one of the best platform to see online view of space/sky like of Google earth.

7) Google mars -> Google mars is like Google moon and in Google mars you can also see spacecraft,mountains,stories,regions and elevation.

8) Google moon -> every body knows about Google maps and earth and Google moon is like maps and earth. you can also the satellite photos of moon in Google can also see the Apollo mission locations in Google moon.

9) Google schemer -> Google schemer is a brand new service which helps to do discover new things to do.Google schemer can list most important things to do and sharing with people and it also helps you to find things related to your interest.

10) Google sketch up -> Google sketch up is one of the best free software from Google which helps you to create texts,building,3 d images and many more things.literally,you can create anything by using the sketch up and there is no limit for creation of any thing and you can also create a model of your city.

                       so,these are top 10 best Google services which you may don't know.


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  2. a good retrospective, very interesting