Monday, 12 August 2013

How to run JAR files on Android or Install Jar on Android

how to run jar files on android or install jar on can run jar files on android with the application JBED .jbed is basically an apk android application which basically run java apps and games on your android using jbed application,you can install jar/java//j2ME games on android phones.

                    so, these are some steps by which you can install jar on android.

1) you should download  -> JBED

2) then you should install JBED application in your android phone.

3) then you should launch  JBED application and then press menu button and you should choose SD card.

4) then you should select the particular JAR/JAD file which you want to install and run.

5) then you can install the chosen application through through JBED.

6) now you should open the installed java application for running.

            by applying these 6 steps you can run jar files on android or install jar on android.

 there might be some errors,when you are running jar files on you can avoid errors when using JBED application by following steps ->

1.downloading libjbedvm so and then placing in system/lib.

2.then you should install the JBED.apk application and you should not play it.

3. then you should start the mobile and you should try again for it.


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  2. I downloaded jbed But its not working on my android phone.

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