Wednesday, 17 July 2013 vs – Which One Is Better?

word vs word which one is better? when you are starting a new blog,then you want to choose a blogging platform..word press is one of the best blog platform for your blog. word press is having two versions and other one is paid, there are parameters on the basis,we can compare  word vs word -which one is better?

1) price-> when you are choosing any blogging platform,price is most important criteria for choosing word vs word word is free software and you can use their custom domain name but word is little bit expensive compare to word so,if you are cost-conscious then you can go to word but you want professional one,then you should go for word

2) maintenance and development -> word comes with full maintenance and development support and you can call to hosting company for any support at any time.but word doesn't come with so much maintenance and development,if you want to have maintenance and development up to date, then you should choose word

3) freedom and limitations ->  word provides any type of freedom with this type of software and you can use any free or commercial plugin you want full or full control of your content or adding and editing files via ftp.but,in word press .com doesn't provide so much freedom and has it's limitations. you can find lots of free ads on your website,on which you don't have any control. these ads may be irritating for you and your readers.

                                                 which one is better?

the most important question is that word vs word -which one is better? if you want to seriously start a blog,then word is much better than free word you are using a blog for fun and don't want to spend money on it,then word is best for you.

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