Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How you can send large files

sometimes you want to send large files online from one place to another place in computer. but you find that you can send files in small sizes. so, there are some methods or tools by which you can send large files online or in, by applying these methods you can send large files easily.
1) drop box -> drop box is one of the best service to send large files any where easily.drop box is a free service which allows you delivering your video clips,pictures and documents.

2) mega -> mega is generally a file hosting solution and you can send large files easily.

3) send this file -> as name suggests,send this file is ideal for sending large files.send this file has no file dimension limit and you can easily transfer file through email.

4) yousendit -> this name suggests that you can easily send high quality videos and high resolution images like 50 MB in one go.

5) drop send ->drop send is very good large file sending can easily use service to send large files.

6) box -> you can use box for a personal free account of 5 GB online and you can send files as large as 100 GB.

7) Google drive -> Google drive is one of best storage drive with android 15 GB of storage can share your files,videos online or offline with anyone .you can easily use Google drive for everything.

             by using above 7 services you can easily send large files online.

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