Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to unblock website at school or company

how to unblock website at school or company.when you are working at school or company, you will find that some websites are blocked by administration.but,there are some ways by which you can unblock website at school or company.

1) using IP address bar instead of URL ->

i) first you should press 'run'option from your start menu.
ii) then you should enter and hit enter button.
iii) if you want to visit,then enter "ping".
then you will get the IP address of Facebook.
now,you should go to browser and then enter the above given IP address bar where you can enter a website's URL and then hit 'enter' key.
so, you can unlock website by using IP address.

2) cache -> all search engines like Google,yahoo,bing maintain a copy of web pages in the form of cache indexed by, you can search for any blocked website in Google,yahoo,bing and can click on the cached link which is given next to the result.

3) proxy websites -> there are so many proxy websites which open blocked websites on their respective servers and can present data to you.some popular free proxy websites are kproxy hide my ass annoy mouse

4) use of trans rational service ->

i) first visit to micro soft translator  as also branded bing translator.
ii) then you should enter the URL of the blocked site into the left text field.then you can keep translate from as auto detect and then translate to as English. and click on translate.
iii) then page will display below a functional Microsoft translator banner browsing as you normally would.

 so, by using above 4 methods you can unblock website at school or company.


  1. You can also do this by using the torch browser. The latest version has a built in site unblocker that works on most any site...very useful!

    1. but above mentioned methods are more effective

  2. I have a simple way to access any blocked site very easily no need to proxies and long method of IP change Unblock All Sites

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