Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to select great domain name for blog

when you are starting a website or blog, you want everything to be perfect. so,one of the most important things to have great domain name. so, there are some ways by which you can select great domain name for your blog or website

Keywords and name:

Select at least 10 keywords that is related to your niche and 5 random popular words. You can take help of bustaname service to find the name which you are looking for. Bust a name, randomize your given keywords, and give you a list of all the available domain names.

Domain names:

As a newbie, you might find it very confusing which domain name extension you should go for. From my experience, you should try to grab .com domain first and if not start with .org or .net. Any other domain extension is not so popular.

Easy to remember:

Lets go back  to school. How hard it was for you to remember a name which is hard to type? For example: who oss aazt. Can you remember this name? Now look at my domain name: tech ppp. Do you see the difference? Go for a name which is easy to remember and easy to type. Specially try to avoid names which is easy to pronounce but might create confusion in spelling when you try to type.

Copyright Infringement.

Before you pick a new domain, make sure you not violating any existing brand copyright policies. For example WordPress doesn't allow you to have a domain name with WordPress in it. If you do, get ready for an official letter. Though they let you use name like WP instead of WordPress.

Avoid Hyphen:

If you are creating a niche blog and looking to grab a keyword rich domain. It’s better to stay away from domain name with Hyphen in it. Earlier it’s easy to rank with domain name which has hyphen in it, but lately it’s become tough and if you have noticed current ranking system, you would realize that it’s better idea to look for alternative domain name instead of going one with hyphen in it.