Friday, 12 July 2013

How to recover lost contacts and photos in android smartphone

How to recover lost contacts and photos in android smart phone. now,everybody is using android smartphone for their use.some times,we loose contacts and photos accidentally but,there are some way by which you can easily recover lost contacts and photos in android smart phone.

1) recover lost contacts and photos with the help of Google -> you can recover lost contacts and photos with the help of Google with these following steps -> 

i) you should lo gin to g mail with the help of your lo gin id and password.
ii) then with the help of G mail, you can go to your contacts section.
iii) you can easily find the contact option from the top left side.
iv) then you will find a window which will open on your screen.
v) that screen will ask from you that from when you want to restore contacts and you can go to restoration point.
vi) then you can go to "restore" button to restore contacts on your Google account.
vii) your contacts from that time will load on your Google account and your contacts from that time will load on your G mail account.
viii) when you restored the deleted contacts on your own G mail account and you have to sync all these contacts on your android device.
ix) for this,first you have to go android settings -> accounts -> choose your Google id  and you can sync contacts.
x) you can easily restore your deleted contacts on your device.

2) by using undelete  application ->

UN delete is basically a free android application which easily allows you to recover any type of deleted file from your phone storage or SD card.the only thing is that this UN delete application will work for android users.this is one of the best ways to recover your deleted photos and contacts which you have removed accidentally. this application will work with every types of files,images music,video and binaries.

        some important feature of UN delete app ->

1) this works with every types of files like music,video,images.
2) fully securely shred/wipe
3) restoring and recovering any file which has not been written over 
4) very fast scanning logic and very easy to use
so, these are 2 types by which you can recover lost contacts  in android smart phone.

      These are some steps by which you can recover photos in android phone ->

1) you can download photo recovery program on your computer by this link
2) your phone memory is inserted in "my computer" and note the driver letter which is assigned for your phone's memory card.(G or H) and you will get a list of all recoverable photos.
3) then you can start the program and select the drive letter which is assigned to memory and then click "start".
4) then scanning process will start automatically for looking of deleted pictures.
5) then you select the pictures you want and then click "recover" and you can easily recover pictures from your phone successfully.
6) you can also use diskdigger for recovery of deleted photos in android phone.
  by using above 6 steps you can easily recover photos in android phone.



  1. The android mobile phone part of data stored in mobile phone inside, part of the stored on the SD Card, this two ways, we can't through the USB cable to recover them,So we need use tools or the third party software to help us to recover data,To choose a regular tool if they can help you!
    Follow these steps to Restore Lost Samsung Mobile Phone Contacts:
    1. Install and Run iStonsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery
    2. Connect Android phone with computer through USB Cable
    3. Choose the "Contacts"
    4. Click "Recover" to start to Restore android contacts
    5. Finish

  2. I did this the first time I had to recover my files.

    Step 1. Connect Android phone to computer and run the software
    Step 2. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your phone
    Step 3. Scan for the lost contacts on your Android phone
    Step 4. Preview and recover the target files selectively

    I lost my phone and couldn't find my laptop and found it ruined from water.

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  5. There are many Android data recovery apps on the net, but most of them only can scan and restore data from memory card not the SIM and internal memory.

    I found this app works, maybe it helps to recover contacts on Android without rooting your phone.

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  9. To recover deleted contacts from rooted Samsung phones, first you need to install and run the recovery software-- Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android on computer. Then you can follow the instruction on it to complete your recovery.

  10. Whenever you delete an item like contact, message or configuration setting it's gone forever unless you have backups. If you used a Google account attached to the phone and that contact was synchronized with Google servers then the contact was deleted from that location as well. If not ,try recovery software to restore contacts on android.

  11. The deleted contacts and photos are still in your phone memory, just use professional Android data recovery tool like MobiKin Doctor for Android, we can get them back: restore contacts on android.

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