Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to optimize url parameters for blogger in webmaster tools

How to optimize URL parameters for Blogger in webmaster tools.when you are starting your blog on blogger platform,then you have to optimize URL parameters,if you want to have good search engine ranking.
Generally URL parameters will help you to crawl your blog more efficiently and effectively. you should go to webmasters account and then you should go for configuration and then click on URL parameters.then you will see there a list of 8-10 parameters for which you have to specify how they can behave.these are parameters you can find ->
1) utm_medium
2) utm_campaign
3) m
4) share
5) show comment
6) comment page
7) max-results
8) updated-max
9) utm source

                                    optimization settings of URL parameters ->

you can do optimization settings of URL parameters like->
parameter         URLs monitored             configured               effect              crawl
max-results                   183                    14.32 PM            sorts                let Google bot decide
updated-max                181                    14.33 PM           sorts                let Google bot decide
utm_source                  187                     July,2013            none                let Google bot decide
m                                 1836                   Aug,2013            paginates          let Google bot decide
show comment             1838                    Aug,2013           none                  representative URL
comment page              186                   14.21 PM         paginates                Every URL                       utm_medium                188                   July 2012            none                representative URL
utm_campaign             556                   July 12,2013        none               representative URL

                                  Important features of URL parameters ->

1) if you are not sure about any parameters you should choose " let Google bot decide".

2) Effect " none" having meaning that the parameter does not change the content of the page.

3) in the above table,you have to set the " effect" and "crawl" entries only.

4) effect "sorts" is chosen because it sorts the page content in order of time and,effect "sorts" is chosen for " updated -max" and for "max-results" only.

5) effect "paginates" is generally used for "m" and "comment page" because both of them identity the page number for comments which is greater than 200.

so, by using above techniques and URL parameters settings,you can remove duplicates URL parameters settings,you can decrease duplicate URL in your blogger blog.and you can easily optimize URL parameters for blogger in web master tools.


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