Friday, 12 July 2013

Best applications to find lost android phone

best applications to find lost android phone.everybody is using android phone for their general can use android phone for files,personal data,images.sometime it happens that your android phone lost away,but you can find your lost android, these are best applications to find lost android phone.

1) plan B -> plan b is one of the best applications to find lost android phone.this is only one application which you can download after you already lost your just go lo gin android id with your Google id which you are using in your lost android phone and you can install the applications from the browser.when you have installed the applications,then in 10 minutes, you can receive a mail in your g mail account,which will tell about the application locating the phone.after some time,you will get another e-mail another email with Google map which will show where is your phone.

2) anti drone theft -> anti drone theft is one of best and famous application to recover your lost android mobile phones.the most important feature of this application is spy camera,from which you can view pictures taken from phone's camera.when you have installed the application on your mobile phone,then you may lo gin to anti drone website to discover the right location of your phone.

3) avg antivirus -> avg antivirus is one of the best applications to find the lost android phone.avg anti virus helps you for protection of Mal ware,viruses,spyware.the important things is that it will lock your phone remotely by 'remote management' and by sending sms to your phone regarding your private can also helps to track your lost mobile phone and finding it with Google maps.

4) prey anti-theft -> prey anti-theft is one of the best android security application which generally helps you for tracking of your android phone. you can track your phone with the help of this application remote lock the device and web inter face.

5) lookout security and antivirus -> as name suggests,lookout security and anti virus application gives protection against spyware,threats and viruses.this can also helps you to find android has find my phone feature by which you can locate your lost phone on a Google map even if you have turned off your GPS and can also activate loud alarm if your phone is silent.

6) where's my droid -> where's my droid is one of the popular free application in android market to recover your lost android phone.this has also lots of features like remotely wipe data and notification of phone number or sim card,remotely lock device. you can use GPS feature and you can get current location of your lost android phone.

                      so, these are 6 best applications to find lost android phone.

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