Friday, 14 June 2013

Top 7 Free Music Learning Applications for Android and Apple gadgets

everybody is using android and apple gadgets for their general, there are top 7 free music learning application for android and apple gadgets.

1) guitar labs -> (ios) this is one of the best guitar application by which you can easily learn guitar without wasting time or money.guitar lab app streams guitar lessons to your i device and you can practice anywhere with the help of this application.

2) music tutor sightread ->( android) this is also one of the best free music learning applications for android devices. beginners can learn basics of music notations with an intuitive user can find four modes in this app like write,learn,read and play music.this is basically quiz based software music useful for beginners.

3) chord! guitar chord finder ->(android) if you want to play guitar, then this android application can teach you a lot about guitar lessons. this is basically a guitar learning application.

4) pocket shaker for iphone ->(ios) this is one of the best free iPhone music application that can change your iPhone into a fine percussion have to shake your phone right and left while holding the power button to enjoy the random music from different instruments. you can easily download this application free.

5) piano lesson pianoman  -> (ios) piano lesson piano man is a great android application by which you can learn piano and can practice piano will find a  new feature which is called "battle arena" where 4 people  can battle to tickle the ivories the best.

6) drum kit -> ( android) if you want to learn playing drums,then this is one of the best free android music learning applications.this is a free multi touch application which can be learn drums by tapping of screen with the help of fingers.this has various cool features like music composer and recorder,movable percussion's can easily figure out with the helps of animation,that how drums are moving.
7) my piano assistant  -> (android) this is also one of the best android smartphone application by which you can learn piano as a beginner. you can learn piano by using this application.

     by using above 7 music learning application, you can learn a lots about music for android and apple gadgets. 

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