Thursday, 20 June 2013

top 5 free domains registartion services

when you are starting a website or blog,you need to have domain registration for your blog or website.but,you can save lots of money by using free domain registration, these are top 5 free domains registration services.

1)> this is Tokelau based company which can provide 2nd level domains with the help of the extension,so that your free domain site looks like and that is smallest domain option available on the web. they are providing free domain registration of .tk from 2001.

2) -> this is free domain name with business meaning offers 3rd level free domain like which are hosted and registered at their also offers blog builder,services,web rings,site copier,form mailer,guestbook,photo album.

3) -> this is basically a free web hosting, you can register a free domain like extension . your site name can be like and you can host it at servers without any cost. is doing business from 2008 and they are having features like cgi,ftp support,mysql.

4) -> you can register free domain with the help of extension for personal use and provides mapping domains to Google apps and amazon associates,windows live and blogger.

5) -> provides a free domain registration number of extension. you can get free domains like which can be used for any free website or forums or blog.this domain service was started in 2003.

  by using above top 5 free domain registration services you can get free domain for your blog or service.


  1. I got free domains and at one time all my SEO work got for small sites free domains would do good but for larger sites paid domains are recommended,I got cheap domain from at just $6.00 per domain

  2. One thing is still not clear to me, if I want a third level domain site, like this one - - which is on English, to be visible in non-English speaking European or Asia regions, should I start blogging on their language? I wonder how.

  3. That was useful info on free domain extension services. I would prefer going with Top Level Domains(TLD) for better growth of business or better SERP as search engines like Google, bing prefer TLDs. Here are some top domain registrars