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top 12 most productive tools for gmail users

everybody is now using g mail as email service because its more efficient and productive in comparison to others but we lack some productive tools due to which we waste our time in operating g mail service. so, there are top 12 most productive tools for g mail users and will improve your efficiency in g mail.

1) gmail watcher -> g mail watcher which is web-based version is a fire fox extension which alerts users of new g mail. g mail watcher is very easy to use and when its installed then you will find a small g mail icon and counter will appear next to address search bar regarding new updates.

2) wise stamp- > wise stamp is also a good Google chrome extension which is going to take your email signature to different can promote your business through mails and piece of software will include things in your email signature like Google+ updates and latest tweet . wise stamp is compatible with lots of following services ->
i) eBay ii) Flickr iii) Facebook iv) linked in v) my space vi) Reddit vii) Digg viii)amazon ix) word press x) twitter xi) stumble upon
wise stamp is very easy to use and personalized html code is inserted automatically in your signature.

3) inbox pause -> when you are outside tour for couple of days or you forget to check emails for long time,then you can use INBOX PAUSE.inbox pause adds a straight forward pause button for g mail that holds received message when pushed. when you activate inbox pause, then mails will stop coming and you will not get notification. you can see that all messages will automatically moved into a particular label and when you hit UN pause button, then you will see that g mail will start working normally and your paused emails will arrive fast. another service is called snooze your email which is a chrome extension,postpone messages for few hours or days and you will be reminded about them after a particular interval.

4) smart r inbox -> smart r inbox is one of the best products of 2011 PC world,is a software which transform g mail into socialize contact center.when you will install smart r inbox as a browser extension and given access by user,then it will compile a list of Facebook,twitter and linked in. when you exchange g mail inbox with smart r inbox, your contacts will begin displaying information,message history and common contacts. smart r also works like search engine which arranges contacts by their importance under one roof. smart r inbox works as a great tool for social networking purposes.

5) cloud magic-> cloud magic is basically a super search engine which can help users to discover lost content from services like face book,twitter,drop box and ever note. cloud magic can easily procure data from multiple sources. cloud magic can easily procure data from multiple magic can do wonders by indexing of all your messages and storing them and it will show results based on calender,twitter,office 365 and documents accounts.

6) find big mail-> some people may find problems with their g mail space limit.find big mail can check big emails that occupy a lots of, after the sometime find big mail will tell the size of each email and you can delete the useless email from email account.

7) task force-> task force can convert emails into actual tasks and you can know the next item to resolve it. you can convert any email into task by using task force button.

8) tout app-> tout app is a piece of software which is available for chrome and fire fox and can super charge email experience by automating certain jobs. tout app can easily auto-attach documents,can easily create email templates.

9) minimalist for everything -> sometimes you will find that,g mail window is too crowded ,then minimalist for everything is tool needed for you.the most important applications include header advertisements,sidebar,the chat window and different can also find different features like ->
i) built in development tools
ii) simple dash board
iii) quick-access controls
iv) powerful options pages
v) synchronized options across different platforms

10) sane box -> sane box is variant of priority inbox Google integrated with a flavor of social networks and time-scheduled concepts. these are having some following factors also.   

i) defer emails -> you can defer emails by simply moving a message into appropriate folder for some time and when delaying period has passed,your messages will be returned to main inbox.

ii) socialization -> you can improve your email experience by connecting the tool with different social services like linked in,Facebook and twitter.
iii) follow -up reminders -> this particular tool can announce to users that a sent email has not been repelled till a particular date.
iv) smart filtering -> sane box has the ability to analyze the importance of received email and then sorting it to separate folder,so that only important messages remain on top.

11) gmail notifier -> g mail notifier is a tool by which users can check multiple Google mail accounts at the same time. g mail notifier has the following features ->
i) it has automatic updates
ii) runs at start-up
iii) supports multiple accounts and simultaneously lo gin
iv) you can read a part of email from the application itself and delete them

12) mail box-> mail box is a g mail client developed for i phones all over the world.mail box generally relies on a simple set of swipe gestures.

                  so, these are above mentioned top 12 most productive tools for g mail users.

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