Monday, 3 June 2013


Everybody is using word press as blogging platform,so there are some important word press plugins which can be useful to you.
 1) file monitor -> you can use file monitor as monitoring of word press installation folder and then it will send email alerts when any file is deleted,added or modified on your server.

2) nice search -> this is also one of the best word press plugins and creates neat permalinks to your word press search pages.

3)p3 profiler -> this is also one of the best word press plugins by which you can figure out which word press plugins are slowing down your website. p3 pro filer generates a pie chart which details the time it takes to run each plugin when loading the various pages of your website.

4) w3 totalcache -> this is best caching plug-in for word press. w3 total cache will definitely help to improve your website's page speed. w3 total cache helps you to minify scripts,adding expiry headers to static images,cache database queries.

5) Google xml sitemaps -> if you want Google and other search engines to know about every page of your word press blog or website, then you require a XML sitemap and this plug-ins will help you to generate sitemap in one click.

6) bing 404 -> if you have a 404 page for which redirection is not yet enabled, this bing 404 plug-in will display links to relevant article on the error a 404 page like,Google docs will likes to my Google docs articles.

7) quick adsense -> you can use this plugin to insert java script based ads from any network on your blog pages.

8) cf shortcode -> this word press plugins helps you to insert custom plugins helps you to insert custom fields inside your word press posts by using the visual editor. this is very helpful when you want to add custom java scripts inside your word press posts.

9) threat scan -> if you think there is any suspicious activity on your word-press site, you can use threat scan plugin of word press to automatically scan your php files and word press data base to check malicious code which may have been injected through the backdoor.

10) wp optimizer -> you can use WP optimize plugin to clean-up your word press database tables. it can optimize your MySQL tables,trash spam comments and remove post revisions.

                                 so, these are 10 most important word press plugins.

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