Tuesday, 25 June 2013

most important computer tips and applications for everyone

everybody is using computer for their personal and business purpose.but,sometimes there are some computer tips and applications which we don't know. so, there are some important computer tips and applications for everyone.
 1) finding or deleting large files which is wasting space -> you can find or delete large files which is wasting space by using tool called as windirstat to find easily that which files or folders are taking the maximum space in your drive and you can delete files and can open up a lots of storage device.

2) reducing the number of programs in start up -> if your computer or laptop is taking too much to start, then there is possibility that there is too many programs running at start up.you can reduce the number of programs in start up by going to run and then using hot key windows key+r and then you should type " ms config". then you will see that there will be a small window will appear and then you can select the start up tab. so, you can now turn off a lots of start up programs, which will speed up your computer or laptop.

3) cloud backup of important files -> you can back up of important files related to your school,work. you can services like dropbox Google drive for cloud back up of important files.

4) adding www. and .com automatically to a URL -> you can save a little bit of your time when you are typing in a URL by simply clicking CTRL+enter,when you type the name of site.when you need .NET,then you should press CTRL+shift+enter instead.

5) jumping to address bar -> you can directly jumping to address bar by pressing CTRL+L,F 6 and ALT+D to complete this goal.

6) selecting multiple files using the keyboard -> you can select multiple files using shift+down arrow for selecting a single file or you can select a large group of files by using shift+page down.

7) renaming of files quickly -> you can quickly by pressing F2 and you can rename a file quickly. you can also alter the name of another file by typing TAB without deselecting the current file.

8) deselecting an entire word -> you can delete an entire word by pressing CTRL+BK SP and it will delete entire word behind the cursor.

9) bringing back a closed tab -> you can bring back a closed tab by processing CTRL+shift+T for reopening of most recently closed tab and doing what you were doing.

      so, these are above mentioned 9 computer tips and applications for everyone.

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