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how you can migrate your blog from blogger to wordpress

How to migrate your blog from blogger to word press. sometimes,you are having your blog on free blogger platform and later on,you want to migrate your blog from blogger to word press.but,when you want to migrate you can face some difficulties ->

1) your word press and blog spot permalinks are not the same .

2) you may loose all the organic search traffic of your blog which can be ranked high in search engines.

3) you may not use a 301 redirect with bloggers to inform search engines rankings that your blog has been moved permanently to a new web address and you can loose page rank.

4) when you will loose seo and search engine rankings,then your page views will drop and you can loose your ads revenue.

                                              solutions of problems ->

these are some steps,by following which you can overcome solutions of above problems while migrating your blog from blogger to word press ->

1) in the starting,you should go for register a new domain name and hosting from good web-hosting company and then install word press software on your domain.

2) now you should go for word press admin dash board and then tools and then import and select the blogger option.then you should authorize word press for accessing your Google account and within no time,you can see that all your blog posts and comments can be available on new word press site.

3) then you should copy this file for your word press theme directory and should rename the file from blogger.php.txt to blogger.php. these are the contents of file ->
template name:blogger

global $wpdb;

if ($old_url  !="")            {
$permalink=explode("" ,      $old_url);

$q = " SELECT guid FROM $wpdb -> posts LEFT JOIN $wpdb->postmeta".
"on ($wpdb->posts.ID=$wpdb->postmeta.post_id) WHERE ".
"$wpdb->postmeta.meta_key='blogger_permalink' AND".
"$wpdb->postmeta.meta_value='$ permalink [1]'";

$new_url=$wpdb->get_var($q)? $wpdb ->get_var($q)  :          "/";

header ("HTTP/1.1          301 moved  permanently");
header("location:          $new_url");

4) now you should open your word press dash board and then go to pages ->add new page and then you should keep the URL and title of that page as blogger and then you should select "blogger" from the template drop-down and then you should save.

5) then you should open the template generator and then type the full address of your new word press blog and this particular tool will create a permanent new classic template for your blog spot blog which could look some thing like this->
<title><$Blog page Title$></title>
<Main or Archive page>
</main or Archive page>
<Blogger><item page>
window.location.href='<$Blog item permalink URL$>'
</Item Page></blogger>
<main page>
<link rel="canonical"
</main page>
<Blogger><Item Page>
<link rel="canonical"href="<$Blog item Perma link URL$>"/>
</Item Page></Blogger>
<main or archive page>
<h1><a href =""><$Blog Title$></a></h1>
</main or Archive page>
<a href=">blogger=<$Blog Item Permalink URL$>">
<$Blog Item Title$>
<$Blog Item Body $>
</Item Page></Blogger>

6) then now you should open your blogger dash board -> layout ->and edit HTML and choose "revert to classic blog". and copy paste the template which was generated in step 5 in the section of "edit template" area and then you can click on "save template changes".

                                        How to update your rss feed       

  when you are planning to move from blogger to word press,then address of your rss feed can also change.then you should go to blogger->settings->site feed . then you should type the address of your new rss  word press feed and Google reader will automatically move to your new feed.

       these are some steps by which you can migrate your blog from blogger to word press.     

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