Thursday, 6 June 2013

gmail vs outlook which is better?

Everybody is using email now days. gmail and  outlook is very popular, there are some features by which we can compare that gmail vs outlook which is better?

1) accounts and security -> accounts and security is one of the important thing, when we want to know g mail vs outlook which is better?. both email connect via HTTP by default and 128-bit encryption and both of them let you send and get messages from POP 3 accounts. so for accounts and security purpose wise gmail is better than outlook.

2) storage space for your mails and attachments -> storage space for your mails and attachments is very important.outlook  having unlimited storage for your mails and attachments while  gmail offers 10 GB of storage space for accounts. so, in this section outlook is better than gmail as it holds more capacity to storage of mails.

3) recover deleted mails -> you can recover deleted mails from outlook inbox by going to "deleted" folder in outlook and then click the link " recover deleted messages". so, this is one of the important features of outlook, where you can recover deleted email. gmail account  can't recover deleted email. so,if you want to recover deleted emails, outlook is far better than gmail.

4) sending of large files -> sending of large files is one of the important parameter to choose email can send any size of the file with the help of outlook as it is closely integrated with sky drive and if your file size is large, then it will send file automatically via sky drive. but, in gmail you can send file size up to 1 GB, in this parameter outlook score better than gmail.

5) sign-in with a temporary password -> you can sign-in with a temporary password without using your actual password. you can use mobile phone which is connected to Hotmail/outlook, then click the "sign in with a single-use code" link and then Microsoft will send you a temporary password which expires after first use. gmail on the other hand has two-step verification,which increase the security of email account.

so,in this application outlook scores better than gmail.

6) speed -> delivery and receiving of email is important parameter for email. gmail is faster than outlook for sending and receiving email and can expect gmail to send and receive in 30 seconds but in outlook it takes more than 10 minutes. so,in speed parameter gmail is better than outlook.

7) search -> gmail search is much better than outlook search. so, gmail scores better than outlook in this parameter. 

so, you can say when you think of authoring and replying to emails, then outlook is far better than gmail. but,overall if you want to see g mail scores better than outlook.

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