Thursday, 30 May 2013

How you can Check all your Emails from a single Gmail account

Everybody is today using multiple email account for emailing. there is very tiring process to check all your emails account differently. but,now you can check all your emails in a single gmail account. there are following steps by which you can check all your emails in a single gmail account.

1) go to your gmail account and click on the settings to go to " gmail tabs".

2) then in labs pages,you should scroll down and you will find "multiple in boxes" in the left side.

3) then you can select radio button as "enabled" and then hit on "save changes".

4) now you can sign out of your email account.

5) you should login to other email accounts one by one.

6) then you should forward a copy of all incoming emails to your gmail account.

7) then you should go to"settings" in your other email accounts and select the "forwarding and pop/i map" tab.

8) then you should select the radio button that will says "forward a copy of the incoming mail to" and you should put the email address of your gmail account.

9) then you can repeat the same step for all other email accounts and don't forget to archive the email's copy in the respective accounts.

10) now you should log in to your primary email account again.

11) then you should go to settings and enable "i map". then you will find the "i map" settings under "forwarding and pop/i map" window.

12) then you can switch to " multiple in boxes" tab in the same page. you can put all these email address in the search query pane.

              by using above 12 steps you can check all your emails from a single gmail account.

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