Wednesday, 15 May 2013

how to create a google sitemap for your blogger blog

If you want to create a Google sitemap for submission of your blog ,then there is simple method by which you can submit this. for example if I want to create a sitemap for,then sitemap can be like this-

so whatever url is there replace that with and that will be okay.
if you want sitemap for 1000 posts the sitemap will be like this
by applying these tricks you can make your own Google sitemap for your blogger blog ,you can make by applying these formula you can make Google sitemap for your blogger blog.
or you can xml sitemap by using this link-> xml sitemaps generator

                                  for word press blog

if you are having word press blog or your website is built on word press, you can install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin and have it automatically create and update your sitemap for you as well as submit it to search engines.


  1. how to create a sitemap page?

  2. @seb powen now you can check update information about sitemap page......