Friday, 24 May 2013

Free Backlink Checker blog Tools Online

Everybody is using back links for improving search engine ranking of their blog or, there are some free back links checker blog tools online by which you can know back links to your blog or website for free.

1) back link watch -> this one is highly popular back link checker tools online available. this service is free and you can know about quality of back links and visitor status on your site.

2) ahrefs -> this one is also one of the best tools to know quality backlinks for your website or blog. this backlink checker tools blog comes with a user friendly can easily find the data of new and internal links, anchors and linking domains of a blog or can also check rank and competition on keywords that you can use on your side.

3) link diagnosis -> this one is also one of the important back link checker tools like back link watch and you can change the engine,report type.

4) open site explorer -> open site explorer is considered as one of the best back link checker tools online, that is used by seo strategies and website owner. open site explorer can help you to monitor your competitors website and other useful tools.

5) majestic seo -> this is also one of the best back link checker tools available that could provide valuable diagnostic report on your website's back link profile and you can easily know quality back link for your blog or website.

6) rank signal -> this one is also one of the best back link checker tools that check site back links with analysis and also shows your site is linked by image or text.

7) alexa  -> alexa is one of the important website to know about alexa rank, free back links and keywords. and it also provides useful seo data about the website. the only drawback of this site is that you can't know about the back link that this is  do follow or no follow.

8) google webmaster tools -> this is one of the most important back link checker tools provided by Google. this tool provides lot of information about your website, which you are using for seo purpose. 

           by using above mentioned tools you can check back links to your website.


  1. There are so many tools can backlinks, like the one i alway used:, it is free and fast.

  2. @kerry smith ya its true but above are best methods to find back links cheap and efficiently

  3. Nice post, thank you for sharing this. and I know another free online backlinks checker:, this tool is similar with ahrefs, they are so good at checking backlinks, but the difference is that the one i said is free and no limit, it is just like a perfect ahrefs.

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