Saturday, 25 May 2013

best tip about blogging for newcomers

there are some best tip about blogging for newcomers. everybody want to start blogging,so there are some important tips for newcomers.
1) keyword research -> if you want good search engine ranking for your blog, you should properly do keyword research to pick the best and most profitable keywords by using Google's keyword tool.

2) write regularly-> you should write regularly to become a successful engine prefer blogs,which updates regularly.

3) encouraging reader interaction -> you should encourage reader interaction to your blog,so that reader will share personal bond with you and loyal reader to your blog.

4) responds to comments -> when people comment on your posts, then you should responds to their comments. that will create a bond between you and your readers.

5) make back link for good SEO -> you should make good back links do follow from same niche to post good search engine ranking to your blog.

6) write good posts -> you should write quality posts so that more people attracted towards your blog.

7) avoid copying other blog -> you should not copy posts from other blog, as it would attract penalty from search engines.

so,these are best tips about blogging for newcomers who want to start a new blog or website.


  1. tips are always welcome
    thank you for sharing

    1. thanks francoise Michel for your observation....